accumulation a large quantity of stamps often with many duplicates

album a binder with stamp mounting pages

approvals stamp sent by dealer for inspection & possible purchase

binder a book for holding stamp mounting pages

booklet pane 4-12 stamps printed together for small bookIets

bourse a stamp event with dealers present

cachet a special cancellation for first-day or speciel event

cancellation a mark, defacing the stamp, to prevent reuse

cancelled to order cancelled in sheets, not used on letters

catalog a book listing stamps issued in a given area and their value

CDS circular date stamp cancellation

centering degree of evenness by borders around stamp

changeling "wrong" color caused by chemicals, heat or light

cinderella a stamp or item not listed in ordinary catalogs

coil stamp printed in strips, often straight on opposite sides

commemorative stamps issued to honor a person, place or thing

common design stamps of identical design issued by two or more countries

cover card or envelope with stamp or stamps affixed

cut square corner of card or envelope with printed stamp

definitive stamp issued over a long time for ordinary mail purposes

duplicate more than one copy of a stamp

EFO's errors, freaks & oddities; stamps misprinted in a variety of ways

essay a trial design for a stamp, not adopted

face value value when used for mailing letter or package

fantasy stamp issued by a deposed or non-existent government

fault defect such as thin spot, crease missing perforation, etc.

first day cover envelope bearing stamp cancel dated first day of issue

forgery imitation of an issued stamp, unlawfully produced

glassine a transparent paper used for stamp envelopes

granite paper paper incorporating colored silk threads

gum adhesive used to attach a stamp to envelope or card

gutter pair two stamps separated by paper from sheet margin

hingeless plastic mounts for stamps which do not disturb their gum

imperforate without holes in margins, must be cut apart

killer part of cancel consisting of horizontal bars

kiloware stamp mixtures sold by foreign governments to dealers

laid paper paper showing parallel lines when seen from back

line pair two attached coil stamps with vertical line between

local a stamp valid for postage in a very limited area

lot any group or collection offered as a unit

maximum card souvenir with stamp plus color enlargement of same

mixture an assortment of stamps with duplication

never-hinged (NH) without any mark on the gum on stamp back

on piece with part of envelope or other paper attached

overprint any words or design printed on stamp before sale

parcel post stamp stamp issued for postage on packages

pelure paper thin, semi-transparent paper

pen cancel stamp defaced by pen stroke rather than stamped cancel

perforated having holes around margin to help in stamp separation

perforation gauge a metal or plastic plate used to measure perforation spacing

philatelic pertaining to stamps and covers

plate block 4-6 stamps, with selvage containing control number(s)

PNC (Plate number coil) coil stamp with small plate number on bottom

post card a small card which can be mailed without envelope

postane due stamp stamp showing additional postage that must be collected

postal card a government issued post card with printed stamp

postal stationery postal cards and envelopes bearing a printed stamp

postal tax stamp tax stamp required on letter plus regular postage

postally used used on actual mail, not cancelled-to-order

printer's waste imperfect stamps from mistakes in printing process

proof test printing of accepted design, often in different colors

quadrille pages pages with crossed lines to help in mpunting

regular issue see definitive

regummed new adhesive applied after original was removed

remainders unsold stamps from original issue

repaired intentionally altered to improve appearance

reprint stamp printed from original plate, usually unofficially

revenue stamp a stamp issued for tax, not postal purposes

rouletted having slits around margin to help in stamp separation

SASE or SSAE stamped, self-addressed envelope

second a stamp having moderate to serious faults

selvage blank paper from sheet margins attached to stamp

semi-postal stamps having extra charge added for charitable purpose

set two or more stamps of a common theme, usually issued together

se-tenant two attached stamps of different designs or values

short set a set missing one or more values, usually the high one

short corner one or more perforations missing on corner of stamp

socked-on-nose cancel cancellation nicely centered on stamp

souvenir card a special card with stamp designs, not valid for postage

souvenir sheet small sheet with few stamps and margins, good for postage

space filler a faulty stamp good enough to occupy a space in your album

stampless cover stampless envelope, usually bearing town and postage amt.

stock card a page with pockets for storing or displaying stamps

straight-edge stamp lacking perforations on one side only

surcharge an overprint which changes value of the stamp

tete-beche two attached stamps, of which one is inverted

topical stamp related to theme such as music, sports, birds, etc.

tropical gum yellow or brown color, due to heat or age

watermark design impressed in paper, visible when stamp is wet

wove paper ordinary paper without apparent grain

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